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Crazy Christians

Jul 26, 2018

We hope all your Gilbert and Sullivan heads are geared up for another rip roarin' week of sketch comedy, because this week Tim and Dan are joined by comedy writer Tricia England to discuss the travesty that is "The Cold Open." How oh how will Matt Albie kick off his first week as head writer? How will Harriet deal with...

Jul 19, 2018

There's an old saying in Hollywood: The best way to start a TV show is with a pilot. This week, Tim, Dan, and special guest Abbey Kindler watch as Aaron Sorkin tries his best to prove that saying wrong. This episode has everything from Paddy Chayefsky references to Network references and nothing in between. Welcome to...

Jul 18, 2018

Before they dive into an episode-by-episode rewatch of a 12-year-old failed TV show, Tim and Dan take a moment to answer some incredibly important questions. Namely, what is Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip? What is their relationship with it? And, perhaps most importantly, why is this happening?